Owls or other Bird of prey 24 HOUR  helpline  07845 504167.

OUR 100% Response.
Called out in all kinds of weather conditions and all situations, we are just a call away, with our 100% response and reputation, built through hard work and dedication,that are driven by a determination to ensure any Owl or Bird of prey that needs help, receives help, be it a wild or captive bred bird, free of charge at all times.

Birds that would have perished.
Countless Owls and Birds of prey have been helped over the years, by Colin Sutherland, wings of freedom and like minded people working together under these auspices, birds that would have otherwise perished have been saved.

Some of our techniques.
We have developed treatments for repairing broken bones, curing feet problems such as bumble foot, sticky foot in captive Birds of prey and eradicating poisons from birds, through our formulas, using water therapy for long term care of birds, all through years of hard work, trial and commitment.

Putting birds to sleep is a last resort.
We deal with many different cases, whatever the case, putting a birds to sleep is just not our way. yes it would be easier,but we will try many different techniques, and thankfully they work, even shot and poisoned birds recover. 
However, if a bird does have to be put to sleep and sadly this happens, ,it is as a last resort, kinder to the bird, and undertaken on the advice of and working in line vets. 
Some people have been amazed when birds recover in our care, as some are in a desperate condition when they arrive with us, on the other hand, some cases we deal with just need a quick check over, feed and then released , remember, all fit and healthy wild birds must be returned to the wild, any disabled birds are then found a loving home, with  keepers we work with.

Wild and Captive birds receive our help.

It is often forgotten that captive birds need help, so we help in equal measure, however, these vary from case to case, helping recover, find homes, give home and so on.
Reported to us by all manner of people, roaming around lost and stray, we reunite birds with owners who have lost them, we even help falconers who retire, advise on problematic and other birds, using some very interesting techniques in various situations.
Help is never refused, whatever inquiry we receive, when captive bred birds are lost and need recovering, we work with other organisations, when injured Red Kites are found needing help.

We can not be everything.

We can not be everything to everyone and are set up to only help Owls and Birds of prey, some may say, well we deal with Red Kites, truth is, there is an argument over whether or not it is a bird of prey, very similar and perceived to be one, so we just help the bird as a matter of similarity and anyway we have helped countless over the years, as for other birds, we always direct people how to deal with them just to be helpful.

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When finding a bird.
uring the breeding and or fledging seasons there is good reason why a baby Owl or Bird of prey youngster may be on the floor, all healthy and fit birds must be left where they are.
If for any reason you go to a birds aid, always approached a bird slowly and with caution, place a towel, your coat or other cloth over it, if you have a mobile on you, before you take action, call us for advice, if in a box, call us at once, or take it to a vet, never be tempted to cuddle or stroke the bird and do not keep the bird for any length of time, remember, time is of the essence.

How we care for birds.

We are not open to the visitors in any way and receive birds for many reason, the following link button will give you an insight view to what we do in some way, which we hope helps, saying this, we do have an open door policy, to see our practices.

Pembroke Care


Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey. 


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