Origins and background.
A northern Geordie Englishman, proud of my heritage as a falconer, keeper of Owls and the work of wings of freedom, having founded the organisation more years than l care to remember.

With an interest in and hands on experience with Owls and Birds of prey, now spanning more than fifty years, so one could say l have some knowledge of the subject matter.

Often asked why l am outspoken.

In all my years as a person and subject matter covering our work, l have seen many changes for the worse, not good, mostly problems created by misleading information, such as the issuing of licences to shoot Buzzards and persecution of other wildlife. 

The damage to Birds of prey, Owls,  habitats and environments  by greed and red tape greated by elected politicians, passing off blame to local authorities, drip feeding information to then set their own agenda.

Forward thinking ideas.
Many people say the results we produce are astounding, but, l believe it is a forward thinking approach to the different areas of work with these unique birds and that of many like minded people along the way.

Learning from each other.
Learning from masters of their craft, friends and associates with birds past and present, young people with like minded ideas, all these factors play a part in what makes wings of freedom.
If someone has a new idea, or a method more effective that us, then l am all ears, because producing results is all that matters.

There is not a person in the world that knows everything, those who believe they know everything, are fools in the making with rather large egos.

Honest and to the point.

When it comes to subject matter, to be honest, l have never been judged for where l come from or my origins, l am straight talking and what you see is what you get, with most people finding my approach refreshing, especially when it comes to Owls,Birds of prey and work of wings of freedom.On one such occasion in Newmarket resting out Falcons after flying, l was watching horses on the gallops over near the Rowley Mile, talking with a group of Middle Eastern racehorse owners visiting.Chatting at some length, members of the group admiring the birds, the head of the group commented that my approach was very refreshing, honest and that he wished those who worked for him took the same approach, respectful, my reply was simple, yes men who work for you or you associate with, who just agree with you, are in reality liars, you are obviously employing the wrong people, with a broad smile as if he agreed with me, we now remain firm friends, meeting from time to time to fly birds when he is in Newmarket.

Self appointed experts.
Sorry, but I have no time for self appointed experts, a minority of people who give one view or another regarding Owls and Birds of prey, subject matter they clearly know nothing about, quite honestly, their time would be best spent train spotting, or better still, keep their opinions to themselves.

Many examples.

Take a certain British university in South West England, researching how wild rabbits came to the UK, they claimed their research proved it was Romans who brought them, most people could have told them this, it was basic knowledge, the worrying thing is, these bright sparks are teaching our young people, in their view, what does it matter, they probably received a grant from public funds to waste on this pie in the sky nonsense, there are many countless examples of wasted grants and no consideration for the tax payer, we blame government departments who give these grants in the first place.

Pembroke Care

Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey.

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