Clients we cater for.
vised by founder Colin Sutherland, our activities are devised for residential care homes, all care sector providers and specialists units, from the smallest independent, to the largest multi unit.

Activities on the day.
ndertaken in a lounge or any communal area, taking just a few moments to set up, our activities are personal, laid back,interactive, sensory and therapeutic, a unique experience meeting our birds, including Owls  Falcons and Hawks, usually three, four or five birds on each activity visit.

Taking to guests and not down to them.
e bring everyone in to the conversational activity and a relationship they form with our very special birds, trained for the work they do, talking to people and not down to people like children, in a respectful way with dignity, so if someone asks a question, we give a straight forward reply, we are not politically correct, which adds more interest to the activity, never sugar coating things.

Taking our birds to rooms and photos.
or those people who may not wish to join in or get to the group, we do walkabouts to rooms, meeting our birds and photos opportunities with the use of clients own equipment.

Our area remit.
lthough we are based in West Berks south of England, we do have clients throughout the UK, which means when a booking request falls outside of our above area remit, we are able to pair up clients and bookings, this then gives a discounts on fuel charges, with some muli unit clients even pairing up with their sister homes.

Activity times, durations and area.
ur activities are operational Monday to Friday.

Morning activity durations.  
10-00 am to 12 noon 

10-30 am to 12-30 pm.

11-00 am to 01-00 pm.

Afternoon durations. 
2-00 pm to 4-00 pm.

Activities donation based charges.
s a self supporting organisation, our activities are devised and operated to help generate funding for our free 24 hour Owl and Bird of prey rescue, keeping our activities and work operational.
​£45-00 Plus Fuel Charge.

Fuel charge.
e have no control over fuel cost at the pump in which we pay on the day of activities, with these charges based on location, or shared location, not mileage, with discounts apply for clients we pair up at up to 50%.

ith every inquiry, we give a no hidden cost quotation, so you know what you have, what you see is what your charged, no complicated jargon.

Receipt on the day of booking.
lthough our terms are on the day, we will always give a receipt with all activities, or fowarded the day before.

Account bookings and our terms.
s a registered not for profit charitable social enterprise with donation fees funding our work, we can not accept account bookings of any kind, as new legislation considers account bookings a business transaction, putting our not for profit status at risk, with cash, chq or BACS facilities accepted on the day.

Email booking inquiries.
hen emailing us with booking inquiries, please include three date options, with your morning or afternoon preference, we will do our best to help.
!f you have not received a reply within 24 hours week days or 48 hours over a weekend with any booking inquiries you have,,please contact us regardless, as we guarantee a response within this time line.

Telephone bookings and inquiries.
hen calling us, please continue to call as we may be out on a urgent rescue matter, or driving and need time to park up, with the most effective time being  9 am to 12 noon for activity inquiries.
Confirmation of booking dates offered.
e always do our best to give you the dates you prefer, however, we do require confirmation by email as we have to trace any booking.

Holding bookings open for 24 hours.
t one time holding available dates were open ended, having been let down, causing problems for our regular clients and those looking to organise their activities, now, available date/s  are held  open for a set periods of  24 hours week days and 48 hours over a weekend.
Worth noting,  our activities are popular, so our available dates  are taken  quickly.

We now have a dedicated activity email.
ncreasingly experiencing problems with microsoft Hotmail email provider live, with comments and complaints about emails and bookings not being received,.
Frustrated having to resend emails we have now put in place a dedicated email in our form, we will be phasing out Hotmail completely, by 2020. 

Office and Landline.

Tel: 01635 770619.

24 Hour Owl and Bird of prey Rescue.

Tel: Mobile 07845 504 167.

General Email.

Dedicated Activities Email.


West Berkshire RG189TX

Night Time Arrivals.

For any Owl or Bird of prey found Night or Day, we accept arrivals 24 hours.

Pembroke Care

Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey.

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Wings of Freedom Social Enterprise is a registered not for profit organisation.

Registered in England and Wales Registration Number 11987431 

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