Our operational hours.
ur normal hours are 8 00 am to 6 00 pm Mon to Fri, and 24 hours all year for rescue inquiries.
Owl and Bird of prey 24 Hour Rescue.
ith this service free, please remember, if unable to reach us, we may be dealing with an urgent matter, or driving and need time to park safely, so please continue to call us,
Activity inquiries and bookings.
e are here to help with any booking inquiries and discus things at length, but, we do not take booking over the phone and only by email, so any bookings do not get lost
Personal emails.
hen making an activity inquiry, please include company email if possible, as personal emails and devices can cause problems, or if activity coordinators move to another employer, as often happens.
We now have a dedicated activity email.
ncreasingly, we experienced problems with microsoft email provider live, comments and complaints about emails and bookings not being received, most people understand, probably because they have experienced the same problems.
Resending emails may be a solution, but we do not keep peoples data and work only from one main email list, so we now have a dedicated email in our form, phasing out Hotmail completely, in 2020. 

Email response time.
e guarantee a 24 hour week day and 48 hours over the weekend response to all emails, so please contact us if you have not received a reply within this time frame, as problems can arise at any time, beyond anyone's control.
Telephone number.
lthough we have land line communications, our mobile number below is the most effective way to contact us, with the best time to call regarding activities, 8-00 am till 1-00 pm, but can still be contacted during our hours as above.

Office and Landline.

Tel: 01635 770619.

24 Hour Owl and Bird of prey Rescue.

Tel: Mobile 07845 504 167.

General Email.


Dedicated Activities Email.



West Berkshire RG189TX

Night Time Arrivals.

For any Owl or Bird of prey found Night or Day, we accept arrivals 24 hours.

Pembroke Care


Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey. 


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Registered in England and Wales Registration Number 11987431 

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