We believe there is a political hidden agenda.

Although not effecting our organisation because of our not for profit status, the present UK government have now introduced a licensing policy, whereby individuals and small  organisations who use pets such as dogs etc as therapy, are now having to pay a licensing fee each year, of over one hundred pounds.
Why we believe this policy is wrong.

Some operators have stopped their activities altogether, because of this legislation, a policy that will only effected the welfare of those who reside in care homes and other care sector areas, if only from a moral point of view, the fees are wrong and we believe it is another cash cow dreamt up by politicians.
Dragging Britain down to gutter level.
ritain still remains the most caring and just society in the world, but sadly our good name is slowly being dragged down by political decisions and legislation such as this, what sort of person dreams up an idea that can effect peoples lives in such a way, it is not surprising that people lost faith in some politicians years ago, or perhaps people who dream up such policies are not fit for public office.

Welfare of animals.
e are told this legislation is about animal welfare, we believe its about generating and squeezing money out of people to fund failed policies, if it were about animal welfare, then where are the officers inspecting facilities, we have a open policy for anyone to inspect our premises and see how we care for our birds,  we have invited spot check and have never had a reply or a visit.
Anyone who keeps animals for activities have to care for their animals, because they are loved and cared for, we have come to the firm conclusion, if the government were so concerned about animals welfare, then why do they keep issuing licences to shoot Buzzards and other wildlife.

Hidden agenda and serious implications.
ithout doubt there is a hidden agenda behind this policy, politicians have a proven track record of this in many of the policies they dream up, they tend to say one thing, then do another, we would not believe these people, if our lives depended on their word.
We believe licence fees, for a cost of over £100-00 is just the start, where does it end, with over 29,000 care homes in the UK, its a nice little earner to scam individual care homes, then it will be licensing people to take family pets to see relatives.

Pembroke Care


Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey. 


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