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A dreadful situation, when will it end.
When it comes to shameful decisions, there is no more shameful than the decision to issue licences to shoot Buzzards, a policy most members of the public did not even know was in place.
As an organisation dealing with shot, poisoned and trapped Birds of prey and even Owls, these decisions must have been taken by people of no moral compass.
No justification to shooting Buzzards.
It is said that the decision to issue such licences was taken because birds of prey, especially Buzzards are responsible for the reduction of game bird numbers, which there is no proof, when in fact, any fool knows, more game birds such as pheasant are killed on the road by moving vehicles, the only people who do not know this, are the idiot who came up with the licensing in the first place, morons come to mind.
We are non political.
We have to be very careful not to get political, but take a certain environment minister who shall remain nameless, who comes up with silly ideas to save the environment by banning log fires, or removing humps from roads to save time, funny thing is, we have more humps, log fires and clogged up roads, we believe his agenda, is to impose more taxation on us all, nothing to do with the environment.
The persecution can not go on.
Sick to death of Birds of prey and even Owls being shot, poisoned and trapped, we set up our campaign, with those who persecute Birds of prey, thinking that  anything flying is open for a free for all, these people do not even understand their own environment, let alone wildlife, they even have the brass gaul to pass themselves off as sportsmen or game keepers, when in fact they are nothing of the kind, we call these idiots pheasant counters, the licensing policy just legitimises this practice.
Hard working keepers.
We know and associate with countless game keepers, who understand their work and what they are doing as guardians of the countryside, sadly, the pheasant counters give dedicated hard working game keepers a bad name, the game keepers we know, let us  use their land to release recovered birds and let us fly our birds on their land.
We are often called liars.
When we speak out about the persecution of Birds of prey and Owls, we are often call liars by a minority of people who just laugh at us, we have the proof, because we deal with countess persecuted birds brought to us, even our beloved Falcon Audrey was shot off a post whilst she was resting, she had the misfortune to meet someone known to persecute birds.
As you are reading this web site, there is a probability of another Buzzard, other Bird of prey or Owl being persecuted somewhere in the UK ,

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