Sponsorship opportunities.
Now recognised as one of the most effective organisations, our hard earned reputation and pedigree has been built on hard work and dedication to Birds of prey, Owls and our unique work, these factors are what comes with sponsorship.
Why offer sponsorship.
It is often thought that we recieve funds from local authorities or UK central government for our rescue work, when in fact, we do not receive a single penny in grants, all work undertaken is undertaken free. be it our rescue service and conservation, or our environmental work etc.
As you can imagine this work is very expensive,  sponsorship will enable us to help fund this work without us having to worry where our next pound of funding is coming from, securing our work and future, so we can continue to help Owls and Birds of prey,

How you will make a difference.
No matter what kind of sponsorship, be it individual or corporate, you will make a very effective difference, helping fund our Bird ambulance which is expensive to operate and its maintenance costs.
You will help fund the many areas of rescue and rehabilitation of Owls and Birds of prey, helping conserve these birds, developing and roll out our education programs we have devised, in fact, you will help in every single way.

Benefits of sponsorship with us.
There are many benefits to sponsorship with us, be it individual or corporate  UK or foreign national,  there could be considerable taxation breaks, for making a difference.
If you are looking to be associated with an organisation that has long established green and ethical credentials, our sponsors are partners, so it is a two way thing.
Perhaps your looking for a green corporate identity we can help, perhaps promoting your brand, service or take advantage of competitors, showing your clients how you are making a difference.
You can have logos placed on our web site, vehicle, as we are UK based, so you will benefit from this exposure, with many marketing opportunities an advantage.

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Pembroke Care


Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey. 


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