How your help will make a difference.
We have outlined below, how a simple donation can help our work and how with just a little help you make a real difference, in so many ways, needing to raise funds for our rescue work.
We are dedicated and that's about it.
We are often called mad men, and continually asked why we continue our work with so many funding problems, the honest, truth is, we are Owl and Bird of prey people and these birds are in our blood, yes, it would be easier just to keep our own Falcons and continue our interest on these birds, but what would happen to the Owls and Birds of prey that need help, how can we let a baby Falcon, Tawny Owl or any other birds die or suffer.

Our costs are ongoing.

Some of our daily costs continue, with the exception of one off emergencies such as annual vehicle MOT's and servicing of our 4 X 4 bird ambulance and specialist equipments, Insurances.Special gloves, Bird boxes, Aviary refurbishments and so on.

Our daily costs include Vet care, Food for birds, Formulas, Electric  and Heating, Fuel running costs of vehicle for rescue, recovery and release of wild birds, 24 hour care of birds one week to one year, Finding and tracing owners of captive birds we recover, Incidentals such as health care, infection control and much more, as you can see, what little funding we have, does not go very far.

How you can help our work.

It does not matter how you help, a simple donation will enable us to make a difference, through our pay pal button opposite or at the top of the page, or make a one off larger donation also through our papal button, if you prefer you can become one of our sponsors, we will be grateful to any help you can give, why not drop us an email through our contact page.


Pembroke Care

Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey.

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