How We Care For Birds.
e are a Bird of prey and Owl organisation with care and after care facilities, not a visitor centre that is open to the general public, although many people contact us requesting to visit.
For those interested in what we do, the following information outlines in brief, how we care for wild Owls and Birds of prey we deal with and our captive bred birds we train and work within the care sector and deal with.

Prioritising what we do.
We are often asked about how we prioritise our work, when in fact every bird receives the same priority when we are called on to help, no difference be it wild or captive, with each case as important as the other.
Accommodation for bird in our care.
We have units rather than a center, as outlined in our images, with each very different, we also have indoor units in isolation so wild birds can recover in quietness, remember, we receive birds which are poisoned, shot and for many other reasons, so can be with us for months of after care.
All our aviaries, weatherings and owl houses are cleaned every other day and kept infection free, along with our recovery units on a ready for use basis and as determines.
Our birds aviaries and units are not prisons but homes, nor do we tether or hood our birds in aviaries unless for a specific and rare circumstance, with each bird able to see each other, all different species living happy as a community,, moved in rotation to different aviary designs, different perches, aviaries laid out to gravel, with gravel being cool in summer time, our birds keep cool, with our aviaries painted and refurbished twice yearly with colours to match our birds mind set.

Contact and free advice.

If you would like to contact us and find out more, then please go to our contact page through our link button, we welcome all inquiries.

Pembroke Care

Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey.

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