About Wings of Freedom.
ings of Freedom is a registered not for profit social enterprise set up and founded by Colin Sutherland, who, with an interest in and hands on experience as a Falconer, keeper of Owls and Birds of prey, spanning many long years, the result of dedication and commitment to what we do, nothing less.
24 hour rescue.
undamental principles, ensures help is on hand when any Falcon, Owl or other Bird of prey needs help 24 hours a day, all year round, please see our links.
n addition, we devised life changing Owls and Birds of prey activities that help people dementia,mental health and other like problems, care sector visits to care homes and other health care specialists,  please see our links.
Save Our Raptors.
ith the present licensing in place to legally shoot Birds of prey and as the persecution of these birds continues, we set up Save Our Raptors Campaign, please see our links.

Pembroke Care


Keeping us on the road to help Owls, Birds of prey. 


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Wings of Freedom Social Enterprise is a registered not for profit organisation.

Registered in England and Wales Registration Number 11987431 

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